Strategic Content: The Ins & Outs

This week I will discuss the bare bones of Content Strategy...
    - What is Strategic Content?
    - When did it become relevant?
    - What is in the field of Content Strategy?

What is Strategic Content?

In Erin Kissane’s book, The Elements of Content Strategy (which I will refer to a lot), Kissane states that, “content strategy is a fundamentally backstage discipline”.  In other words, you are not going to have someone visit a website and be able to pick out exactly what the content strategist did on the website.  However, the overall user experience the individual has is the embodiment of what the content strategist did.

So, when did Content Strategy become relevant?

Well, that is a silly question- because it has always been relevant.  Simply knowing where to put an advertisement on a newspaper spread is a subset of content strategy.  However, more modernly, if you look through Google Trends, you can see that the fields online awareness and presence has grown exponentially within the last four years (see below).

What does this mean?  Personally, I believe this shows a growing increase and trend towards audiences who want more and the companies who serve them realizing that.  Ergo, the companies have had to create a position, and now a field, that specifically manages all the content that the company creates.

What is in the field of Content Strategy?

This is an opaque question, because to put it bluntly: there is no definitive field of “content strategy”.  Strategic Content is an umbrella term for over two dozen (and growing) titles for individuals who research, fabricate, disseminate, audit, and maintain specifically-purposed content.  To a degree, each subsidiary of CS overlaps just a tad with the next.

Regardless of what ancillary branch you may swing off, the thing(s) that make your content effective will be:

What makes it work?
What makes it good?

(Kissane, 2011, p. 4).

Check back next week to discover...
   - Who are Content Strategists?
   - Where do they work?
   - Why are they needed?

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