Meet a Millennial: The Interview about Content & Millenials

For this blog post, I decided to interview a friend of mine who is a senior in the Digital Cinema and Filmmaking program at Pace University. Tom is in the Millennial generation, and I chose to interview* him because of the importance and impact that Millennials have on the marketplace today.

*Tom’s answers have been amended for better readability.


Photo courtesy of: Tom S.

What is your favorite website and why?

B&H. The user experience is so easy to search something and it doesn’t have to be so specific- it can be specific, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for, they will show you a whole range of things.

And the mobile app— oh my god, it’s so amazing. Sometimes I like using the mobile app more than the computer website. You can put something in your cart and you can just use Apple Pay– you press your screen twice- and it’s bought right away and it’s done.


How do you feel about content on websites?

I think it’s vital to companies, but there are also some websites where it’s kind of annoying. When too many things pop up, I get overwhelmed and just exit out. If there are too many buttons, or too much text, or too many tabs, I just don’t want to deal with that.

And the instant messenger that pops up sometimes it can be kind of annoying, because it’s in the way of what you’re looking for- and every time you go to a new page, it keeps popping up. And it’s like, it needs to be visible for someone, but you don’t have to have it keep popping up in my face.

Don’t give me a bunch of stuff I don’t need— just give me the links that I need and make those links easy to find.


What do you think is the hardest part for content creators?

Probably trial and error. Then it’s like they just go off of what has worked and just expand. Clearly some people have trouble differentiating between too much content and not enough content. Like Disney just puts too much and it’s overwhelming. I don’t like to be overwhelmed by visual aesthetics. I prefer a minimalistic approach to web design.


How do you think creators stay ahead of the trends?

By measuring what people like, and the traffic and the user experiences. But even when you’re tracking people’s usage of the Internet, it can be funny, because it doesn’t always work. And I’m pretty sure there are people who get paid to know these things.

So that is pretty much it from me, for now. Thank you for joining me as we explored the ins and outs of content and the importance that it plays in our everyday lives.

Happy Holidays!